Our success is measured in lives changed. We are proud of the impact A Gift of Smiles has made in the dental health of our patients and the lives of their families.

Listen to the the parents of two of our foundation patients, Alex and Ricky, and their experience as A Gift of Smiles patients:

Has A Gift Of Smiles made an impact in your life?

Have you or a loved one been a recipient of our services? We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s a small anecdote or something that touched you deeply. By telling us your story, we’ll be able to share the impact A Gift Of Smiles has on the community and inspire others. We would love to hear from you!

A Message From Our Founder

Dr. Ashby with A Gift Of Smiles patient

A Gift Of Smiles foundation has provided dental treatment to over 167 patients since we treated our first patient in 2015. With financial support of businesses and other individual donors in our local community, we have raised over $700,000.

Our foundation exists solely due to the generous donations from those who support our mission. We simply could not do what we do for our patients and their families without each and every one of your giving and caring hearts. Our future can remain bright with continued funding assistance from our local businesses, colleagues, and others like you.

Thank you to everyone who joins us in helping to deepen the impact in our local area. Together we can improve the health of disabled people living in our community and build better lives for everyone, one smile at a time.

—-Dr. Dwight Ashby, Founder of A Gift Of Smiles Foundation


With the support of our business partners and individual donors, A Gift of Smiles is able to make life altering improvements for the most vulnerable in Central Pennsylvania. Thank you!